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Edit Microsoft Flight Simulator Sound Configuration with ease!

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The FS Sound Studio Main Screen

FS Sound Studio is the best tool available for managing and editing Flight Simulator Sound Configurations. The professional graphical interface makes it easy to see the effects of changes, and you can immediately hear the results in the unique Preview mode. FS Sound Studio gives you control over ALL Aircraft sound.cfg parameters in FS2000, FS2002, FS2004, CFS2 and CFS3. FS98 format config files can be read for conversion to FS2002/4 format.

FS Sound Studio is brought to you by the creators of the Award Winning Panel Editor, FS Panel Studio™ and Flight1 Software, ensuring a professional, quality product.

Using Notepad to manually edit sound.cfg files is slow and error prone. Then you need to start FS2004 to hear your changes. FS Sound Studio lets you quickly and easily change the sounds you hear, and has a Preview mode which allows you to hear exactly what your aircraft will sound like. Hear the changes you make instantly!

FS Sound Studio will seamlessly link to an external wave file editor. You may not need an external wave editor, however, FS Sound Studio allows you to change the Volume and Pitch of wave files, and ties these changes into the state of the aircraft. Check out the Online Manual for details.

Key features
   What you see is what you get. The display in FS Sound Studio will allow you to visualize exactly how your Sounds will play in Flight Simulator.
   Add, delete and edit sounds without typing in notepad. FS Sound Studio provides easy to use graphical interfaces for modifying sound events in Flight Simulator.
   Instant Feedback in Preview mode. Hear how sounds change as you move the volume and rate sliders. Turn individual sounds on and off as you preview the total effect.
   Super fast operation. FS Sound Studio has been optimized for speed on Windows 2000 and XP.
   Wizards allow you to quickly and easily create a base set of sound files for a new Aircraft.
   FS Sound Studio has been used by Commercial Panel Designers since 2002. Use the tool that the Pros use.
   Easy to use Wizards automate conversion of FS98 format sound config files to FS2004 format.
   Award Winning! Check out our reviews to see what everyone is saying about FS Sound Studio. FS Sound Studio is the best Panel editor available!
   Free Updates for registered users of any 1.X version, simply download and install the latest version.
   Complete documentation including a 120+ page PDF format manual. Step by Step Tutorials are provided for most popular tasks. You can download a free copy of the 120+ page PDF  manual at any time.

Key features

Key features

What's new in Build 7716?

FSX support, including a rollup of all outstanding bug fixes.




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Jan 15//2007: New version Build 7716 available with FSX support!

"FS Sound Studio is an amazing tool... 10 out of 10..." read the full Simflight.com review.

Alles in allem ist es ein sehr nützliches Tool, besonders für Designer. Es bekommt deshalb 10 von 10 Sternen. Rated 10 out of 10 by Flugsimulation

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